Diary | Underwear as Outerwear

| Outerwear Gareth Pugh Jacket, H&M Cardigan, eBay Mesh Top, Missguided Skirt
| Underwear Agent Provocateur Robyn Bra, Hopeless Lingerie Lucy Bralette, Charnos Suspender Tights
| Accessories Givenchy Pandora Bag, Zana Bayne Snake Harness (worn as belt)

About two years ago was when I first started experimenting styling underwear as/with outerwear. As time went on, I began to feel more confident and comfortable in styling lingerie with my everyday outfit, and so the underwear pieces that were initially incorporated into my outfit discretely slowly became the main focus. I found myself only really buying outerwear pieces that I could wear with my lingerie, rather than the other way around. 

This outfit, or some variation of it, ended up becoming one of my go-to looks and everyday uniform when living in London, regardless of season. Can you believe these photos were taken last year in the winter? I must be mad.

These might just be some of my favourite photographs of myself, and I usually hate how pictures taken by others turn out. I've been wanting to post them somewhere for over a year now, so I'm so happy to finally have this space online where I can share more images like this in the future.