Feature | Rose Fulbright

Feature | Rose Fulbright

Rose Fulbright is the namesake label of British designer, Rose Fulbright-Vickers, specialising in luxurious silk and cotton lifestyle garments, handmade in Wales. This includes silk satin lingerie, chiffon robes, kimonos, slips, camisoles... you name it. The phrase conscious luxury is also something holistic to Rose Fulbright. Much like many independent labels who garner my support, Rose feels a sense of responsibility to not only use, but celebrate, manufactures and suppliers who work in ethical and sustainable practices. However, going one step further, the label also supports charities encouraging such practices, and donates a percentage of profits from their Tropical Collection to Oceana.

My story with Rose Fulbright begins here / Despite the fact that her garments were the complete opposite from my usual, apparent, style, I have been enchanted by the elegance and minimalism encapsulated in her designs since discovering her label a little over/under a year ago. I'm sure you can imagine my delight when I found an email from Rose one day in May (!), reaching out to see if I would be interested in featuring her garments here on my blog. Through my communications with her, one of the most beautiful facts I learnt about Rose was that she comes from a family of entrepreneurs and artists, all of whom dedicated their careers to various expressions of luxury, whether that be in pottery or architectural pursuits. Understanding her background has definitely given me a semblance of timelessness and legacy in her designs, which I find to be very precious.

I, of course, gleefully accepted Rose's offer, and was initially sent the Satin Triangle Bra and High Waist Knickers in the most beautiful charcoal-grey colour-way, aptly described as 'graphite'. These two pieces are part of the Classics Collection, which includes foundation garments inspired by 1930's lingerie, in neutral colour palettes to provide the wearer with an essence of everyday, quiet, luxury. 

Upon receiving the set in both a small, top and bottom, I unfortunately found out that they were much too small for me in the bust, underbust, and waist, despite having consolidated the size chart. Rose was extremely kind and flexible about this, and sent me the set you see here now, the Satin Balcony Bra (32C) and Satin Knickers (medium), which too are part of the Classics Collection, while I returned the initial set. I would therefore recommend that you size up when purchasing Rose Fulbright lingerie to ensure a comfortable fit, though I suspect this wouldn't apply for looser fitting garments such as robes and camisoles.

As I'm a smaller, shallow-busted, 32C, the balconette style is also not the best shape for me because I'm unable to fill out the cups at the top. I have a feeling that the initial triangle style would have worked better for my shape, but unfortunately it was sold out in the size up. I will say that if your underbust measurement is anything more than 32", the bras in both styles may be too snug for you, as there are no adjustable components. Fortunately, everything else fit me wonderfully so I have absolutely no complaints here.

I want to also apologise to Rose and my readers here, that because of my living and work circumstances, it has taken me around two months since receiving this set to photograph and write up this post. Rose has been incredibly understanding, and I could not express my appreciation any more to her. During this time, the Balcony Bra, which I received, has unfortunately sold out in graphite, but is still available in the same style in pearl and blush. If, however, you've fallen in love with the graphite colour-way, I encourage you to check out the Satin Triangle Bra, High Waist Knickers and regular Knickers, all of which are still available to purchase at an incredibly discounted rate of 40% off to make room for a new collection.

Please feel free to let me know in the comments how you feel about Rose Fulbright's designs, and if you too, are looking forward to seeing new pieces from her in the coming months.

PS: If you scroll to the bottom of this post, there is a bonus cat in the photo! Even kitties are intrigued by Rose Fulbright lingerie, so you should too.