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| MURMUMR Prison Gloves
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MURMUR is a prêt-à-porter womenswear label based in Bucharest, Romania. Founded by designer Andreea Badala in 2011, many, if not all, of their pieces draws inspiration from vintage lingerie, and to me, is the epitome of 'underwear as outerwear'. Asides from their seasonal collections, MURMUR has three other permanent lines, EssentialsSignature, and Roleplay, which embodies their spirit of femininity and sensuality.

I remember first learning of MURMUR's existence after seeing Creepyyeha in the Temptation Skirt. This is no doubt one of the most iconic, and recognisable MURMUR piece in my eyes, and is, unsurprisingly, part of the Signature line. From there, I instantly became enamoured with many of MURMUR's designs, specifically anything and everything from the Roleplay line. This line was MURMUR's take on traditionally 'kinky' outfits, which I had quite frankly always found to be a bit tacky. However, tackiness is not something you'd ever find in MURMUR's designs, as you can tell that each and every piece is designed with such sophistication and thoughtfulness. 

My ongoing one-sided love story with MURMUR finally came to fruition this October, when they reached out to me, asking if I would be interested in featuring the Prison Gloves from the Roleplay line (!!!!). I will be very upfront, and admit that this was not a piece that had initially caught my eye. However, I trusted MURMUR's judgement, as they felt this was a piece which really suited my aesthetics. They were not wrong. 

The Prison Gloves in person is a million times more beautiful than on the website. Everything is so well constructed, and the tulle and satin are incredibly soft to the touch – it felt amazing slipping these gloves on. As advised by MURMUR, I was sent these gloves in a size M for my chunky arms. There is a bit of elasticity to the gloves, that makes it just the right fit for me (i.e. no cutting in or spilling over at the top!). I'd say the only downside is, with wear, the gloves do slide down ever so slightly, however I imagine this would be the case for any opera length gloves. 

If you're in the market for a pair of opera length gloves, I really do encourage you to check out the Prison Gloves. I genuinely think this is a piece that could/would complete a look if you ever felt like it was missing something. Case in point – just look at how perfectly these gloves compliment and 'make' my whole look in these images. Otherwise, please do take a look at MURMUR's website at www.murmurstore.com; who knows, you might just find something you didn't even think you needed.