Diary | Innovation Tower

Diary | Innovation Tower

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It's been a while since I've posted, but I still have full intention of keeping this blog going as it's times like this where I'm glad I have a space online to share these images. Working full time now means that I'm left with a very limited amount of time to myself. Thankfully, a long weekend recently allowed me to sneak off to Hong Kong, where I lived for two years between 2006-2008, to rediscover the city.

My main objective during my short stay was to take as many photographs as I could. Architecture and photography wasn't something I appreciated nearly as much at 13 years of age, so I'm glad I got a second chance to visit new sites.

The Jockey Club Innovation Tower, designed by Zaha Hadid, was the building that stole the show for me during this whole trip. I just loved the brutalist and futuristic elements of it so much. This was the first of her work I've seen in person, and truthfully, I had only come to know her after her passing. It was almost a bittersweet feeling knowing that I could only show my appreciations when it was too late (not that she'd know of course).

The location was also just too good of a photo opportunity to pass up on, and so my childhood friend graciously snapped some photographs of me. Tooting my own horn here, but I think they turned out beautifully, and my all black outfit (no surprises there) really complimented the concrete textures. Fingers crossed I'll be able to go on more impromptu adventures, and create more images like these soon.