Feature | Fleet Ilya O-Ring Cross Back Bra

| Fleet Ilya O-Ring Cross Back Bra
| Ann Demeulemeester Blazer/Suede Jacket
| Calvin Klein Shirt
| Sisters of the Black Moon Rogalin Pants

This year marks the first ever birthday where I've had my own steady income, so it's no surprise I decided to go all out and treat myself. When deciding on a gift, practicality wasn't something that was a top priority for me. I just knew I wanted to buy something very special, which, had it not been for the occasion of my birthday, I would've never otherwise purchased.

Fleet Ilya, for me, was exactly that. I ended up settling on two pieces, the Layered Spike Collar, which I've literally wanted for years (not featured), as well as this O-Ring Cross Back Bra, styled here, that has also been on my 'most wanted' wishlist for eons now. No shade to any other leather ateliers/designers, but out of all the leather pieces in my collection, Fleet Ilya tops it all in terms of the craftsmanship and quality. To me, the O-Ring Cross Back Bra is more than just a leather bra – it's a piece of art. 

While I knew that I wouldn't get a chance to wear the O-Ring Cross Back Bra out here in Singapore, I was very happy to have it in my collection, as it would be something I'd be able to wear out back in London. I was therefore extremely excited to experiment styling this piece as outerwear, which is not something I've felt motivated or driven to do in a very long time. It was truly so nice to feel that sense of creativity and freedom again.